It pays to do your homework before hiring someone to replace your roof on your home. Here’s why: Roofing contractors receive more complaints than any other service business.

If we were hiring a roofing contractor, the first thing we would do is check them out with the Milwaukee Better Business Bureau. Start by comparing positive, negative, and neutral reports. If there are any negative reports, how were they resolved? How quickly were they resolved? Ideally, there shouldn’t be any negative reports. Good contractors do their best to resolve issues long before customers feel compelled to complain to the Better Business Bureau.

You’ll also want to ask to speak to customers and look for testimonials like these:

Craig [at Nu-Way Builders] did a great job on our roof repair at a really affordable price. He was able to get the job done in the time it took other companies just to schedule an estimate… ~ Valerie J.

We contracted with Nu-Way to replace house & garage roofs, gutters, exterior and interior house doors as well as new trim around the windows and new fascia. The job was just completed and we can’t say enough about the high quality craftsmanship of the work and the beautiful outcome. Nu-Way’s staff are true professionals and talented craftspeople. We have an older home and there were some unanticipated “bumps” because of our home’s age. It was comforting to have craftspeople on the job who knew how to handle it. They arrived promptly and left the work area clean each day. Trustworthy and friendly, we highly recommend them and will work with them again. ~ by Mark and Lynne S. on 10/7/2014

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When you talk to your contractor’s customers, you’ll want to know how well the contractor protected their property. Careless roofers, for example, don’t use anything to protect the siding while they’re tearing off the old roof. As a result, very often the siding gets scraped and gouged by pieces of the roof tearing against it on their way to the ground. And this doesn’t even begin to cover damage roofers often do to flower beds, gardens, shrubs, and landscaping. Accidents do happen even with the most conscientious contractors. But you can quickly sort out the careless fly-by-night operation from contractors who have been in the business for decades and really care about their customers.

Taking care of your property is a high priority for us here at Nu-Way Builders. Yes, the job site will get messy and dirty during the tear-off and install, but we guarantee your home will be thoroughly cleaned and magnetized for nails at the end of the job.

What type of roofs does your contractor install? You’ll want to know. For example, we replace residential shingle roofs. We don’t do large flat roofs or new construction.

You’ll also want to know what kind of roofing materials your contractor uses. For example, we prefer to use Owens Corning products for a number of reasons: The Owens Corning Duration Shingle Line has a patented Sure Nail Technology that features a tough woven reinforcing fabric to the nailing area engineered to deliver a 130-MPH wind warranty performance with only 4 nails per shingle for maximum warranty protection.

You’ll want to know the basics of how your roof will be installed. For example, our roofing process involves:

  • Installing the proper amount of ice & water leak barrier to eves, valleys, chimneys and skylights
  • High-performance roofing underlayment
  • Metal valleys and drip edge
  • Starter shingles to all the edges of the roof and up all valleys
  • Proper ventilation

Finally, you’ll want a warranty. Read the fine print. Many warranties don’t provide full coverage, and the coverage in many plans drops off drastically after the first year or two. As a preferred contractor with Owens Corning, we provide customers with a 50-year total protection roofing system warranty.

Naturally, as with all of our services, we provide free estimates, and we’re happy to answer any questions you might have. View our portfolio or contact us here.

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